Guide to Trading binary option: in a few easy steps.


Binary options Trading Platfrom

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  1. Connect to the broker of your choise : If you’re not registered with a binary option broker, this is the time to do so because without the broker you can not do anything! We recommend using regulated US or EU broker, even better regulated by the AMF.
  2. Select an asset: select the value that you want to trade. The most popular is the EUR / USD with a yield of up to 85%
  3. Select the expiration date: this is the time when the option ends and the broker will look at the course to see if your trade is a winner or loser.
  4. Select CALL or PUT if you think the price of the stock will go up, choose CALL (aka . If instead you think the price of the asset will drop, Range Choose the PUT (also called LOW
  5. Select the amount to invest, we recommend that you do not invest excessive amounts, unless you have great insights into the evolution of the course. Better overall diversification trades, but there is no universal rule.

The binary option trading is that simple. Once these steps are completed, you will have to wait for the expiration of your option whether your trade will be a winner or loser. If it loses you lose your bet is winning but if you win up to 85% of your initial investment!