Trade4me review

Trade4me review is the first binary options social trading network.

Described as the “eToro of binary options”, allows traders to follow and copy each other. A leaderboard presents the best traders of the month that anyone can copy in one click! accounts link to multiple compatible brokers’ accounts, whic allow to copy traders, send signals from our “WebTrader” and send signals from Metatrader.

How Will you benefit from

Trade for me allows you to connect with other traders and copy their trades automatically. Let me show you how it works upon subscription you’ll be asked to link your binary option account to,  so signals can be sent your broker automatically and traded on your account once you’ve subscribed make sure to check out the leaderboard up the best traders where you can quickly analyze their performance ranking based on their success rate.

If you check out traders profile at trade4me you can retrieves the trading history in real time directly from the Broker itself so there’s no way to cheat and the performance all you see is real. So if someone tells you that he is the best trader and has an eighty percent success rate just ask him the binary option account link to then his actual trading history would be retrieved from the Broker and displayed on his profile. You can then be easily verify if he is telling the truth or not.

Anyway on the traders profile to find the success rate and number of trades for the past one month , three months or six months and a score graph that will inform you up the consistency of trading activity.  You can also see which brokers currently link to this account, the repurchase into the trade assets and a list of all the trades ever opened by the trader. If you like his profile just click follow to receive an e-mail every time this person opens a trading position.

If you’d like to go further, click Copy and every trading position open by this trader will be automatically copied and your binary option acount.

Well you don’t need to install anything any computer or let it run all day the servers will handle everything for you and that’s it easy right now if you are already a profitable trader you might want to take part in the popular trader program and let others copy your trades. Rewards. will reward you every month with commissions depending on your success rate and the number a cop years that you have check out the program for more info finally trade for me also offers multiple tools to help you send signals more easily the when trader connects in real time your broker to allow you to trade your binary option count just like you would on your broker’s website the difference is that the signals you sent from the web trader are not only sent to your binary option account but also to Olive your copiers moreover treat for me offers way more charting tools and indicators that most brokers don’t so you can’t really read the market’s trade for me also has an API the you can use to send signals from meditator NinjaTrader or MATLAB automatically, allowing you to auto trade your beloved strategy indicator or expert advisor on your binary option account and two tier copiers don’t hesitate to subscribe trying is free start copying the best traders today and take part in this social trading revolution.

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